This first post describes the first installation of Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS on my EliteBook 8570p. More precisely, it describes how to deal with UEFI installation that (if not well handled) can lead to a BootDevice not found error on first attempt to startup the server after installation.

First step: preparing the bootable flashdisk

After downloading the last version of Ubuntu server at this link, I created a bootable USB device with UNetbootin to avoid the error described in this post after having used usb-creator. UNetbootin is installed with

sudo apt install unetbootin

and has to be run as sudo (otherwise, it asks for the root password and does not want to start).

Second step: BIOS configuration

Before you start, be sure that UEFI (secure boot) is properly configured on your computer. The solution might depend on the precise model but for me I had to:

  • enter the BIOS and set a supervisor password for security
  • save and exit the BIOS, restart and re-enter the BIOS. At this point, I enabled UEFI boot mode. Default UEFI boot priority options worked for me.

Last step: installation

I restarted the computer with the bootable flashdisk inserted and boot on it (Echap + F9 in my case) then simply followed the installation instructions. A last restart (without the flashdisk inserted), gave me access to the server.