The famous Satanic Edition installation is well documented for its integration with Ubuntu and Kubuntu. However, for Xubuntu, a few adaptations must be made to use its awesome design. This tutorial gives a step-by-step satanic edition install for Xubuntu (latest long term support version, 12.04). This post is dedicated to my beloved colleague Victor P, who did make the mistake to let me its computer for repair, allowing me to install “any distribution I want”.

Installing the proper repository

Surprisingly, the Ubuntu Satanic Edition is secure, then adding it to the source list requires to first install its GnuPG key:

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -

Then edit the file /etc/apt/sources.list and add the following lines:

# satanic edition deb precise main 
deb-src precise main

(“precise” refers to the 12.04 release of Xubuntu; it must be adapted to your own version). The package list is then update using:

sudo apt-get update

Wallpapers and themes

Depending on your monitor’s size, you must first run:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-satanic

(for 4:3 monitors) or

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-satanic-wide

(for widescreen monitors). As the SE wallpapers are not fully integrated in XFCE, you must first locate where they have been installed which can be done using the following command (or alternatively looking at the package’s description):

 locate Satanic | grep wallpaper /usr/share/wallpapers/SE-Satanic-Wide.png

which indicates that the wallpapers can be found in /usr/share/wallpapers. Using the XFCE settings manager, in Desktop, Background, you can then select (using the “+” button).

Using the menu Settings manager / Appearance / Style, you can install one of the awesome SE theme, like “Inhuman”, which is a dark style with dark red decorations (you may also want to have a look at “SatanicAmbiance”…). In the same menu, using the panel “Icons”, you can select a satanic icon theme (I very much advice Revenge, which would give you goose bumps!).

In Settings manager / mouse and touchpad / Theme, you will find a satanic mouse theme, Sangine.

Boot splashscreen

The image shown during startup and shutdown is changed to its satanic version using the same command than in standard Ubuntu distribution:

sataniconf plymouth satanic-logo


The satanic screensaver is called “Eternal Damnation” and is using Eternity Screensaver. For using this screensaver, first make sure that xscreensaver is properly installed:

sudo apt-get install xscreensaver

xscreensaver must be configured at least once using the menu Settings manager / Screensaver; enable the mode “Only one screen saver”. This will create a proper .xscreensaver directory in your home directory that we will modify later.

Then, eternity screensaver must be install using the SE repository:

sudo apt-get install eternal-damnation eternal-studio eternal-ubuntu

It can be used in conjunction with xscreensaver by editing the config file:

nano ~/.xscreensaver

and by adding in it (at the beginning or at the end of the screensaver list):

- "Eternity" eternity-screensaver \n\ 
- "Eternal Ubuntu" eternal-ubuntu \n\ 
- "Eternal Damnation" eternal-damnation \n\ 
- "Eternal Ubuntu Studio" eternal-studio \n\

One of the four screensaver can be chosen coming back to the menu Settings manager / Screensaver.

Note that eternal-damnation (which I am personally using) can be configured by hand more precisely. The config files for eternity screensaver are in /usr/share/eternity-screensaver. Editing the file damnation/eternity.cfg you can see that actually four movies are alternatively displayed. I am only using pentagram.mpg, which can be done by commenting all the lines except this one.

Coming soon: sound, splashscreen…